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Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards by David McCurrach


Allowance Magic gives parents everything they need to take an often ineffective or nonexistent allowance program and turn it into one of the most incredible learning adventures their kids will ever experience.

The results can be life changing. With Allowance Magic, children develop the skills and habits they need to lead a life of financial prosperity and joy.

The typical money problems, faced by most adults, are virtually elminated. Turn stress into success! All it takes is a little Allowance Magic.

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Special Invitation: Allowance Magic is seeking a large, national organization or company to underwrite our efforts in financial education by sponsoring a series of free local workshops for parents at locations all across the country. The cost would be minimal and the favorable publicity would be substantial. Please email us with contact information if your organization or company may be interested. Thank you.

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