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Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards by David McCurrach


AM Groups

Looking for a lively topic for a meeting, class or other group of parents? Look no further.

Most every parent has a different set of experiences and attitudes when it comes to money. Nothing brings out that diversity more than a group of parents discussing the financial education of their children. Most such sessions quickly point to the fact that few parents are satisfied with the way their kids handle money. Some of the liveliest discussions often revolve around their children's need to:
  • Understand and appreciate the value of money
  • Develop money management and shoping skills
  • Save and share on a regular basis
  • Create and follow some sort of financial plan
The stage is quickly set for some Allowance Magic - for a program that will help children avoid the financial problems most adults know all too well.

The dynamics of a group takes Allowance Magic to a whole new level. Everyone that participates is changed by the experience. Many put the principles to work to change their lives and the lives of their children. Allowance Magic is a gift that is easily given and can have a long-lasting and profound effect on all that embrace it.

This is a program for parents to use with their children. The purpose of Allowance Magic is for kids to learn to:

  • Plan their spending
  • Shop for value
  • Save and share on a regular basis
Through this process, kids develop sound financial habits that can lead to a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. They also gain a solid understanding for and appreciation of the value of a dollar.

Any situation that brings parents of children ages 3 through 18 together is a great setting for an Allowance Magic workshop. Such programs are presented by:

  • Churchs and other religious groups and organizations
  • Home Schooling associations
  • Family Resource Centers, Parent Teacher Organizations (associated with public schools)
  • Parents Organizations (private schools)
  • Financial Planners, Certified Financial Planners
  • Accountants, Certified Public Accountants
  • Banks, Credit Unions and Thrifts
  • Credit Counseling groups and organizations
  • Any group, association, organization or meeting of parents
We provide all the materials you need for a successful workshop. Depending on the size of your group and whether you'd want the session to be discussion oriented or presentation orientated, we have the package just for you. Click on either of the links below for more information an exciting and rewarding program for your group.

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© Copyright 2004 by David McCurrach. All rights reserved. Revised 6/15/04.