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Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards by David McCurrach



The two distinct sections of Allowance Magic are targeted at two different audiences.

The First 8 Pages, The Potion on page J14 and The Challenges throughout the Journal are for parents to review and complete. The Kid's Money Wizard Journal on pages J1 through J13 is for kids to review and complete. More detailed information on both areas is included in the Parents and Kids areas as indicated below.

A brief description of each topic is included in the information that follows. To go directly to that page, click on the heading or subheading below.

AM Parents
Parents have their own objectives and challenges. These pages present the information needed to make the most of them.

First 8 Pages
Everything you need to know is in the first eight pages of Allowance Magic. You can review the highlights here in a few minutes and read the entire book in less than an hour.

The Potion
The Potion is the key to the success of your program. This is where you document everything you decide.

The Challenges
Review the challenges your kids face on the road to becoming Money Wizards. Learn what you can do to refine that process and help them achieve that status.

AM Kids
This is going to be more work for kids than for their parents. These pages help them prepare and persist.

The Journal
Your special pages where you can dream about what you'd like and then figure out how to get it. This is where you plan your spending and set your saving and sharing goals.

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