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Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards by David McCurrach


Allowance Xtra/That's My Piggy

This is the place for pictures of adorable kids and their favorite piggy banks. Learn why these banks are special and how the kids use them.

Send in a color print or file of your child holding their favorite piggy bank and they could be among those honored here. Include the child's first name, birth date, what makes their bank special and how they use it. After a week of fame, each picture will continue to be archived by birthday and first name.


This bank's disguised as a book - right down to the real pages which are cut out to make room for the secret compartment.


This bank's disguised as a can of hair spray. The bottom unscrews to provide access to the secret compartment inside.


This bank's made in the image of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. It's a friendly face on the bedroom shelf.


This bank's made of glass. It's easy to see how much you have saved.


I'm Emily. I'm 6 years old. My crayon piggy bank is special because it belonged to my great-grandfather. I use it to save money for college. It's very heavy.

Send your glossy print to:
Kids' Money
P.O. Box 681861
Franklin, TN 37068-1861
Or e-mail your file to mypiggy@allowancemagic.com.

Don't miss this chance to put your child, and their favorite piggy bank, on the Web for all the world to admire.

© Copyright 2004 by David McCurrach. All rights reserved. Revised 4/3/04.