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Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards by David McCurrach


Tools For Parents

The Allowance Magic program is fairly effortless for parents.

Allowance Magic's online tools are scheduled to be availabe in the first quarter of 2005, and will provide you with a convenient place to quickly and easily record your decisions, refresh your memory and acknowledge your child's progress. Descriptions of the many tools available online are presented below according to their functionality.

Althought minimal, there are a few things parents need to do before the program begins.

Potion Worksheet
There are preliminary seven decisions you need to make. You will record those decisions here. Collectively, they become your Potion.

Challenge Worksheet (Version 1.1)
The Allowance Wizard has layed down a series of challenges for your kids to accomplish on their journey to become Money Wizards. You can add your own challenges and delete any of those already suggested. This is your chance to make your program both age-appropriate and true to your family's values.

Parents only need to make one entry for each allowance given.

Every time you give your child the allowance, simply enter it here. Your child will take it from there.

Fine tune your program - as you recognize a change that needs to be made or during your periodic review.

You may need to make a mid-course adjustment. Any aspect can be changed, added or deleted.

Review Worksheet
You'll make any changes to your agreements here. They'll immediately be reflected in the Potion, the Challenges and throughout the program. At a predetermined time, you'll be setting down with your child to review the entire program. You'll be considering any changes to the responsibilities, the amounts and the challenges.

Let your child know what great progress they're making.

Challenge Tracker
Check off each challenge they accomplish.

Wizard Certification
Issue a certificate commerating each level of achievement and their utlimate victory.

Receive friendly email reminders.

Allowance Reminder
Remembering to pay the allowance is probably the biggest challenge parents face. Don't worry, if you forget, the program automatically sends you a gentle reminder.

Review Reminder
Remembering to review your program up to a year later can be equally difficult. Once again, the program automatically reminds you.

Avoid potential problems. Printed copies of the allowance agreement for both you and your child can assure there's no misunderstandings as to the terms of the program.

With other parents.

Member Only Discussion Group
An exclusive area for online users to compare notes.

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© Copyright 2004 by David McCurrach. All rights reserved. Revised 11/10/04.